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Monday, October 09, 2006

What this blog is about

The purpose of this blog is simply to supply information about Subud, an association of people who share an uncommon spiritual experience which we call the latihan kedjiwaan of Subud. Personally, finding Subud and experiencing the latihan was and is the most meaningful experience of my life, and I felt strongly that I needed to somehow share it with others. This little blog is my attempt to do that.
Please take the time to click on the various links to other Subud sites. There is probably more information than you may want, but not nearly enough to convey the depth or content of what Subud really is. That can only happen through direct experience.
Subud is open to all and there are no costs or fees for joining.
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Finding Subud

In my early twenties I was searching for some sort of meaning to my life. Through a series of unusual circumstances I met someone who mentioned that he was in something called Subud. From what he described it sounded fascinating.

The elements that appealed to me were that the Subud receiving seemed to be a direct contact with the higher spiritual powers without a person needing a guru or teacher as an intermediary, and that one was able to connect with the guiding force in one's own life spontaneously and receive direction and guidance through one's own inner self. He said Subud is not a religion and is not meant to replace one's own religion. People of all major religions are in Subud. If anything, Subud seems to provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of the inner content of a religious teaching.

I was directed to go to a meeting hall at a certain time and met some people who told me more about their experiences of being in Subud and receiving what they called the 'latihan kedjiwaan' which I found out was an Indonesian word that simply meant spiritual exercise or training. There was a three month waiting period before one could begin this 'exercise'. Although I was skeptical at first, I found that I felt quite comfortable around these people and began coming and sitting outside the hall while men did the 'latihan' (women did it in a separate room). I could hear strange sounds coming from the room, sometimes melodious, sometimes raucous, and at other times I heard deeply moving chanting in unheard of languages. While listening to these sounds I found I was in a quiet attentive inner state such as I had never experienced before. Over a few weeks I noticed that no matter what inner state I was in before I came, that when I left, my feelings were much quieter. Sometimes I would be upset about happenings of the day or slights received from work but as I sat outside that room they all melted away and a vast feeling of quiet and inner peace took their place. That was amazing to me and gave me the feeling that I had found something truly unusual and important! At the end of my waiting period I was able to begin this process and have now been in Subud and practicing the latihan for over forty years. I have been astounded and amazed by the various experiences which came to me in that time! I realized that my expectations of a spiritual life before coming into Subud were nothing compared to the reality of what I had found through the direct experience of receiving through the latihan.
That is what Subud gave to me and what it offers to anyone who is sincerely seeking a deeper meaning to one's spiritual life.

There are no monetary fees asked of people who want to join this process, just a waiting period to decide if Subud is one's right direction. After that it is up to the individual to take this path or not. There is no outside pressure to join Subud. Being in Subud and receiving the latihan are intensely individual experiences. No one person will experience exactly the same as another, therefore all explanations are from the viewpoint of the individual. What I describe above is a small glimpse of my own experience in Subud.

The following articles and links on this page contain contact and other information about the Subud organization.

I am also happy to attempt to answer questions through email at

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Subud Information Links

What Is Subud?
Subud is a way to renew contact with the power of God. It is a direct spiritual experience which arises from within. Receiving this contact with the Great Life Force re-awakens one's inner feeling and puts you in touch with your own guidance. It is a simple, natural process that occurs without effort or study.

Where Did It Come From?
This contact was first received in Indonesia in 1925 by Bapak Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo (1901-1987). After three years of receiving this spiritual experience, which he called the latihan kejiwaan, Indonesian for spiritual exercise, Bapak was able to pass it on to others. In time, they also were able to transmit it to those who asked.

How Can I Experience It?
If you are seventeen or older you can receive the contact for the first time by being present with others who are doing their latihan. This is called the opening. The latihan is usually done twice a week and lasts about thirty minutes.

How Does It Work?
People receive according to their own natures. As the latihan goes deeper, you begin to receive and understand the inner guidance which accompanies you through your life. You can be in contact with this spiritual experience, without any intermediary, any time, anywhere.

What Is The Benefit?
Although Subud is not a religion, many have found a deeper understanding of their own beliefs from the evidence they receive for themselves. In the eighty countries that have Subud groups, people of different races, nationalities and religions experience a feeling of harmony from receiving the latihan together.

How Do I Join Subud?
You may find local Subud groups in your area by going to Regional Contacts There you will find a listing of Subud Centers in major metropolitan areas. If you do not live near one of the centers you may also send an email to
or write to:

14019 NE 8th Street, Suite A
Bellevue, WA
tel: 425.643.1904

You will then be referred to a helper (an experienced member) in your geographic area. A three month "applicant period" is suggested, so you can truly know if Subud is right for you to join. It's the helpers' job to answer your questions and inform you as much as possible about Subud. Your first latihan (spiritual exercise) is called the "opening".

Additional Resources
For a more detailed explanation, please read:
A Brief Talk by the founder of SUBUD™, the late Pak Subuh.

and visit: www.whatisSUBUD™.net